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Professional Pet Care In Your Home
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About Us

The Den Mother has been serving Hershey, Hummelstown, Harrisburg, Middletown, Palmyra, Grantville, and surrounding areas since 1987.

The staff at the Den Mother have a gift for connecting with animals. We are more than a pet sitter. We do activities with your pet too. We walk dogs, play games, toss their favorite toy, and many others to give them exercise and keep them from feeling lonely and sitting around.

Staff at the Den Mother offer extras unlike many other pet services. Our regular visits provide crime-deterrence for your home.  We give your home that "lived-in" look while you are away be it a work event or vacation.

Some examples include:


  • Bringing in your mail and newspaper
  • Adjusting the blinds or curtains
  • Turning on and off lights
  • Watering plants

Interviews are conducted at your home to allow us and your pet the opportunity to get familiar in your pet's environment.

Contact us today to make an appointment, 717.533.7109.

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